Accounting Manager

Job Description
PCG is a results oriented organization. We are a company that encourages growth and learning. We seek applicants who take ownership over their responsibilities and who will be enthusiastic and engaged in improving our company. This is not a clock-in-clock-out job. We seek employees that will work diligently to accomplish their particular tasks and goals. In return, our company culture is entrepreneurial and enjoyable, and you will enjoy a generous and healthy work-life balance. We are seeking an Accounting Manager for our Alpine, UT location. This position will primarily involve managing a nationwide portfolio of commercial real estate loans. These loans are collateralized by properties including student housing, office buildings, strip malls, hotels, new developments, and some high-density residential complexes. This position includes challenging problem solving, professional development, and significant human interaction. The position will start with a three-month training period. Goals for growth will be set for subsequent quarters. There will be quarterly meetings for feedback and evaluation for and from you.
Financial accounting for our portfolio of loans and for some REO properties. Prepare and analyze managerial reports to assist in high-level decision making. Create systems and controls to ensure accurate and timely information. Work collaboratively and cooperatively with other staff to accomplish strategic objectives, including other accountants, attorneys and onsite managers. Effectively manage changing priorities and expectations from multiple coworkers. Occasionally provide customer service. Ability to be candid about limitations and non-work situations that may affect performance.
Required unless noted otherwise:
â ¢ Permanent citizenship or a work visa is required;
â ¢ Bachelors Degree in business-related field, preferably accounting;
â ¢ Excellent organizational skills, verbal skills, and written communication skills;
â ¢ Creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills;
â ¢ Experience or strong interest in real estate is a plus;
â ¢ Ability to analyze financial documents such as Income Statements, Rent rolls, etc.
â ¢ Proven ability to take initiative and work independently while remaining an effective team player;
â ¢ Ability to maintain perspective and keep sight of the larger goal while accurately and thoroughly handling details and smaller tasks; and
â ¢ History of working efficiently and effectively while multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, following projects through to completion, and maintaining high quality.
â ¢ Proficiency in Excel is required, Experience with accounting software such as Quickbooks or Xero is not required but is an advantage.
Additional Information
Please submit a resume and a cover letter if desired with any qualifying information.

Don't Be Fooled

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