We're looking for an editor for our Salt Lake-based content marketing agency. But here's the catch: we'll let you decide how experienced you need to be to excel at the position.
Why can't we just say we want 8 years experience or 3 years or 20? Because we want the best person and the right person to join our editorial team. And if that's you, we want to talk, regardless of what you've been doing for the last 15 years.
As editor for Nezy, here's what you'll do:
- Help develop editorial calendars for multiple clients from numerous industries
- Work closely with clients to ensure concepts and assets are approved in a timely manner
- Write marketing and editorial assets including blog posts, articles, social media posts, white papers, success stories, how-to guides, interactive quizzes and so much more
- Conduct online research and interviews with clients and client representatives for use in articles and other assets
- Oversee production schedules
- Assign assets to freelancers
- Edit assets from freelancers and internal writers/editors
- Assist with market research
- Post to social media outlets
If you're a really great candidate, you will also be:
- A solid editor - and confident enough to change a writer's words when they're not right but not so inflexible that you rewrite everything
- Adaptable while remembering that the client is always right but sometimes he or she might need a little guidance
- Comfortable with having your own words edited
- Confident writing in both a journalistic/editorial style and from a marketing perspective - and realize that ad copy and tech writing will rarely be part of the job
- Able to give proper credit/attribution to your sources
- Able to use and understand a style guide (AP style and house guides)
- Willing to provide and accept constructive criticism
- Able to juggle multiple projects and deadlines at the same time
- Organized - even if your desk is a mess, you can still stay on top of your workload, freelance deadlines and customer requirements and expectations
- Able to communicate with people and ask questions - even prying questions at times
- Concerned about SEO but not so much that it stifles creativity
- Aware of your next move - and able to see the big picture encompassing everything on your plate while still adhering to deadlines and priorities
- Open minded and not afraid to share your fantastic sense of humor
- Experience as a writer and editor. We're pretty flexible here in terms of the years you've been doing this, but pay and title/seniority will change depending on where you are with your career and what you will add to Nezy
- BA or BS degree or higher - while journalism would be ideal, your experience and talent will matter more than the coursework you endured

Don't Be Fooled

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